Sandpoint, Idaho, has been my home for more than 40 years. When my kids were young, I was fortunate in finding part-time work with the Idaho State Historical Society, recording historic sites in the northern part of the state. After completing my M.A. degree in history at the University of Idaho, I opened Flume Creek Historical Services and worked as a historian on a variety of projects in Idaho, Montana, and Washington. I’ve written numerous contracted reports, published articles, and authored two books: A Glorious Field for Sawmills: Humbird Lumber Company, 1900-1948 (2014) and Driving Past: Tours of Historical Sites in Bonner County, Idaho (2014).

After finishing two books, I thought I was done writing. Apparently I was wrong. As I walked or drove around our beautiful part of Idaho, I found myself remembering bits of local history. This blog gives me the chance to tell some more stories.

Although a blog is a new, more casual format for me, it’s hard to let go of my love of footnotes! I always look at these when reading the work of other historians because they allow me to see sources of information. Since real footnotes might interrupt the flow of a blog post, I will simply list the sources of my information at the end of each post. If you find yourself particularly interested in a topic, you can follow these on your own.


8 Responses to About

  1. Hi Nancy. Thanks to Sharon Gunter for passing on your contact! I’m not much of a blogger but the history of Sandpoint is very interesting. I’m looking into the history of our old house and the people who homesteaded here. Norskies just like me!


  2. Gary Weisz says:

    Hi Nancy, Very interesting, lots of good info!


  3. Jim Bard says:

    Nancy, another very interesting and informative bit of history – keep up the great work! Jim


  4. Timothy Frazier says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for your blog. My wife and I walked the Pack River trail today and were curious about the history of the small cabins. Was pleasantly surprised when I did a google search and found your blog. Then, had to read all your other posts too. Walked the Sam Owen trail the other day and looked down on where the Owen’s property use to stand; I would have never imagined an oil drilling rig would have been down there drilling for oil.

    Timothy Frazier


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